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Friday, 23 May 2014


The monument which commemorates victims of 11th March 2009
23 rd May 2014

Today was the first day of our project at our partner school in Winnenden. Our project is ecological "Keep the flow a European Water Project" Our German partner is Albertville Reaschule. This is a nice school.

Albertville Realschule in Winnenden

In the Albertville-Realschule at approximately 9:30 am (CET), Kretschmer first began shooting with a 9mm Beretta semi-automaticpistol, which he had taken from his parents' bedroom.Eyewitness reports state that Kretschmer started on the first upstairs floor, where he made a beeline for two top-floor classrooms and a chemistry laboratory. In the first classroom, Kretschmer fatally shot five students in the head at close range without warning. He then entered the next classroom, killed two more students, and wounded nine more, two of whom would die of their wounds en route to the hospital. As Kretschmer left the room to reload his weapon, the teacher reportedly closed the door and locked it. After unsuccessfully trying to shoot off the lock, Kretschmer then moved on to the chemistry laboratory, where he shot and killed the teacher. Students escaped Kretschmer by jumping out of windows. In the three targeted classrooms, he killed nine students (eight female and one male, 14–16 years old) and a female teacher.He shot most of his victims in the head. Kretschmer fired more than 60 rounds at the school. Because the majority of the victims were female, some speculated that Kretschmer specifically targeted females.
The school headmaster broadcast a coded announcement ("Mrs Koma is coming", which is amok spelled backwards)[alerting the teachers of the situation; they locked classroom doors. This coded alert had been used by German educators after the Erfurt school massacre in April 2002.

11th March 2009

Never again

After welcoming ceremony we did water analysis. Later we did sightseeing in Winnenden. We have visited Karcher company.

A well -known company around the world.

In the afternoon we did sightseeing in the city centre.

The pedestrian area in Winnenden


  1. I had not heard of the school shootings in Germany. How tragic. We had to practice for that horrible possibility in my school, too.
    It looks like you are having a fun AND educational visit!

  2. That is extremely tragic, and let's hope it doesn't ever happen again.
    Interesting to see 'Karcher' there.