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Friday, 9 May 2014

Salt Mine in Wieliczka

9th May 2014

Wieliczka is a world unique mining site placed by the UNESCO on its World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.
In the salt mine there are underground churches and chapels ( once there  were more than forty). From 15th century to 1787, religious services were provided on a daily basis. Wieliczka's underground space has fairy-tale charms and unspeakable beauty which it owes to various crystallised formations, only rarely to be seen elsewhere.

All figures are made of salt. Do you believe? It's wonderful.

 Nine centuries of mining in Wieliczka produced a total of some 200 kilometers of passages as well as 2,040 caverns of varied size. The tourist route starts 64 m deep, includes twenty chambers, and ends 135 m below the earth surface, where the world's biggest museum of mining is located with the unique centuries-old equipment among its exhibits. 
Occasionally concerts and other events take place in the Wieliczka mine’s biggest chambers. 
There is a sanatorium for those suffering from asthma and allergy situated 135 meters deep underground in the Wieliczka Salt Mine. 
UNESCO has entered the Wieliczka Salt Mine in its World Heritage Register in 1978

Wieliczka Salt-mine was one a destination for royal, imperial artists' tours ( it also visited by German poet Goethe). The current underground tourists route is more than 3 kilometres long. It includes 20 chambers connected by drifts, situated on the three levels,64-135 metres deep. The Salt - mine is visited by 1 million tourists annually.


  1. That is just amazing! I would really love to see it.

  2. http://www.thenews.pl/1/11/Artykul/192936,Wieliczka-Salt-Mine-hits-tourist-record