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Thursday, 8 May 2014


8th May 2014
Wieliczka [vʲɛˈlʲit͡ʂka] is a town (2006 population: 19,128) in southern Poland in the Kraków metropolitan area, and situated (since 1999) in Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

Here is the oldest salt mine in the world still in operation. In the Middle Ages this site was referred to as Magnum Sal, the Great Salt. At that time this mineralised rock salt represented an enormous value. Not only did salt enhance the taste of food, but it was used to preserved alimentary products.

The trade of salt was the source of wealth of numerous value, a priceless treasure. It is not without reason to believe that the salt mine from Wieliczka formed form a catalyst on which Cracow grew rich, developed and became beautiful throughout the centuries.


The Salt Mine in Wieliczka
The Wieliczka salt deposits form a world - unique historic landmark of material culture. The salt-works are situated on nine levels, the first of which is 64 metres below ground level , and the deepest 327 metres deep. The salt-works include more than 200 km of passageways of the total volume of 7.500 thousand cubic metres.
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  1. Well I didn't know any of that information you have shared.
    The passageways are indeed long.