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Thursday, 17 July 2014

My garden - after heavy storm.

17th July 2014.

Storm is every day in July here. In the morning weather is great but in the afternoon is storm - it's tradition but not very nice in my point of view. Today was the same. 
My garden is rather poor because I don't live here permanently but I do my best. 

 Pine tree.

Spruce tree. It was our Christmas tree 5 years ago. And then it was planted in the garden


My poor pansies and the rose which was planted in May.

But the lilies are doing very well.

But the gladiolas are broken by the storm.

I am planning to grow hollyhocks in the future and probably I would like to grow much more roses.

What's more ? I don't know now.

Thank for visiting my blog .SEE YOU TOMORROW.


  1. i like that you planted your christmas tree in your yard. :)

    1. I am going to decorate it for Christmas.

  2. You have a young garden and young trees, and in the years to come they will be big and beautiful. My glads always need some help to stay upright or they tend to lean over. I ended up moving them up against the house where they are more protected. Yours are a pretty delicate color.

  3. Trees and plants do get battered about in a storm with rain, even strong winds can do damage, however, your trees are doing well.

  4. I enjoy your plants in the yard. The Christmas tree is a great idea to enjoy for years to come. Hope you have a nice weekend.

    1. I hope so this year it will be very colourful Christmas tree in the garden.