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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My beloved vehicle for Christmas

22nd December 2015

Today I was in Katowice our capital province city which is about 15 km from my home - it is 20 minutes drive. But of course it depends on the traffic jams which are very common here. Walking in the city centre I came across a fantastic vehicle. And if I rode this vehicle I would be one of the happiest person in the world. Typical fairy tale and I would be a princess - great idea before Christmas.
I admired the perfect vehicle. At night it looks fabulous.

 Christmas market you can buy a lot of festive products here.


  1. I bet it's really a fairy tale carriage at night!

  2. That is so pretty! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

  3. I see you have visions of being Cinderella???
    Would look very pretty all lit up at night.
    Now my weather report with max's for today.
    Please note a certain place FIRST - ha ha.
    Launceston: Max today 25c
    Melbourne: Max today 29c but rising for a very hot Christmas day before rain (???) and a big drop on Boxing Day - maybe the rain will arrive before the 25th.????
    Sydney: Max today 22c
    Brisbane: Max today 31c - it won't reach that - I think the weather bureau has a fixation on this Brisbane 31c max. ha ha.
    Now Brrrrrrrrrrrrr:
    Katowice 9c max.
    I think I prefer the Ausssie weather - ha ha

    1. I love dreaming from time to time. It is very nice to be Cindrella for a moment..I love your weather but now our weather is perfect. In the morning was 15C degrees and sunny weather in Katowice. Mother Nature is very friendly to us

  4. Magical to see the carriage and horses, I bet it look lovely when lit up..
    I see my weather came first today :)
    Merry Christmas Gosia.

    1. Margaret it reminds me a fairy tale from my childhood

  5. Great display. I had no idea Cinderella's carriage was pulled by two reindeer!

  6. I would love to see the carriage lighted up in the night. Merry Christmas to you!

    1. NancyI think I take a photo in January at night. It looks fabulous