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Thursday, 10 December 2015

Polish Christmas Traditions Part One - Christmas Eve In Poland


  1. Very interesting video. I learned a lot about your Christmas Eve meal.

  2. An interesting video - sounded too "Polish USA" for me, but the details of what occurs in Poland were enlightening.
    7 courses to 11 courses - from Peasants to the Nobility - that is not too bad for any grouping. It is not often "ANYONE" sits
    for 7 courses - 11 courses might result in gastric problems!!
    Fish is strange as the main item - I would have associated fish with the Scandinavian countries - Pork and Chicken
    would have been my expectations for Poland, but maybe that is for Christmas Day??
    Thank you Gosia for your excellent blog on Poland and her traditions. Your blog, like the "Very" few others that I follow serves a purpose - educating people of customs, traditions, history etc.
    PS: The weather DID cool off last night - again a "sauna" morning with afternoon late storms.

    1. Colin I don't prepare so many meal for this eve buit some people do it these days it is a tradition here. My grandma did it so I remember a big family gathering from my childhood. I am satisfied you visit my blog.Thanks a lot

  3. Will have to view when i go hone as i don't have enough data for video...:)