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Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Walking next to the pond.

30th December 2015

Walking is one of my favourite activities. During my holiday and at weekends I walk long distances- the weather doesn't matter for me. Each season is perfect for walking. I walk about 3-5 km daily I think it is fair distance to be healthy and energetic.

This pond is located in near summer house. ( so it means about 1.5 km)

It is very popular with locals and fishermen.

I have a great company my small dog who loves walking. He was so tired and thirsty so he was so brave to drink water from the big pond.

Have an active Wednesday!!!


  1. Apparently Gosia - we should walk up to 10 klms a day.
    Well so my doctor says!!! I reckon at the age of 72 I manage about 6 klms - maybe some days walking around the CBD etc.
    I may get the 10 klms. However, it is not a speed test - ha ha.As we say "easy peasy"!
    All forms of sporting activities are good for you, unfortunately most young schoolkids ( except at organised sports times at schools) think - I-pads and Junk Food outlets are the "in thing", or sitting playing games on a computer.
    Thus we have the obesity crisis in the Western World.
    Regrettably Australia is way up the top these days.

    1. Colin walking 10 km daily is a long distasnce so I don't have so much free time...Obesity among Polish teenagers is a serious problem too.

  2. I missed my morning walk for a few mornings. Hopefully I will be able to get back to my walking exercise. I like your lake view, beautiful place to enjoy your walk. Happy New Year!

  3. Gosia, looks like a great area for a walk. Have a happy new year, my friend.

    1. Linda it is a small town and there is a lot of space for walking

  4. It seems like your dog is thinking about having a swim but his feet are telling him it is too cold.

    1. Andrew definitely you are right he loves swimming but the water was too cold

  5. I'm not a person for walking very far at all, so good on you for walking a fair distance in my book.
    Happy New Year to you and your family.

    1. When I was a teenager I didn't like walking but now I love it

  6. Puk! Puk! kto tam do drzwi stuka?
    Nowy Rok już miejsca szuka.
    Otwórz jemu drzwi szeroko,
    potem patrz w niebo wysoko.
    Tam rozbłysną dziś światełka
    i zabawa będzie wielka.
    Niech się wszyscy cieszą wraz
    bo radości przyszedł czas.
    Niech szampany otwierają
    i życzenia dziś składają.
    Niech krzyczą głośno: Do siego roku!
    nie szczędząc tanecznego kroku.