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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Red buses in London

10th December 2015
Red buses I love them

Red is my favourite colour because it provides me a lot of positive energy.

Have a positive day!!


  1. Red buses, eh?
    Well I don't care what colour they are as long as they
    run on schedule and are CLEAN!!!
    But I am not a bus person - I battle the rail system here in my city, Brisbane. Unfortunately at present - I don't give up easily - Queensland Rail ( the most expensive public transport in the World - that's a bonus??? and breakdowns are the order of the day)- is winning this "war". Now that makes me see your favourite colour - RED!!!
    Red buses are synonymous with London. I hope in your London Red bus travels - the buses were on time and clean????
    Cheers from a "sauna like" Brisbane - but looks like a cooling storm is approaching. Hurry up please and no HAIL, thank you weather Gods.

    1. Colin you are right the most im[portant is the hygiene of the bus but generally London buses are clean. Take care in your warm world

  2. I think red is great for bus! Stands out from afar and easily spotted. I like a ride on a double-decker.

  3. The red really shows up well this time of the year!

    You asked if we have snow in Georgia....not very often. Maybe in my 58 years, I remember about 10 deep snows. We do have ice to cover everything sometimes in February!