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Sunday, 27 December 2015

Pine trees

28th December 2015

There are a lot of pine trees  in my place. I admire them every day and this year they have a lot of pine cones. Pine cones are beautiful I use them to make some decorations at my home.

Unfortunately the pine cones are situated in the top of the tree so it impossible to reach them. So I look for them under trees if you are lucky you can find some.

My Christmas decoration with pine cones..

Today is the last Monday in 2016.



  1. This Monday here was another PUBLIC Holiday!!
    I will be glad when all this holiday period is over.
    Of course when I was working - that was not the case - ha ha.
    Glad you were able to access the information on St.Stephen's
    Cathedral, Brisbane.
    No pine trees here in Brisbane too hot for pine trees really.
    I know down south and in the highlands - pine trees are prolific and cones are all over the ground for gathering.
    You certainly would have a "field day" here gathering the cones for your decorations.
    Lovely and cool here again today - very unseasonal weather but I am making the most of it before wretched February arrives.

  2. Once dry and open, they burn very well too. Very hot.

  3. We used to burn pine cones in winter on the fire.

  4. Not easy to find pine trees or pine cones here.

  5. Gosia, I use a few pine cones in decorations as well. Enjoy your last week in 2015!

  6. We have pine trees here, too. They are very pretty to use for Christmas decorations. Happy New Year, friend.