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Monday, 21 December 2015

Winter you are welcome

21st December 2015

Luckily today is the longest night and tomorrow the shortest day. I am very lucky because I have survived the another one depressing and dark season. So it means since Wednesday the days are getting longer and longer. 

What is more tomorrow is the last day at school and we start winter break till 3rd January 2016. On Wednesday we are going to our summer place to spend our Christmas. I have to do shopping there and prepare Christmas Eve and Christmas. A lot of work to do. 

The weather is perfect friendly temperature and no winter in the next two weeks Europe is happy, again...


  1. Good for you - a fine but cold Christmas.
    Today here - PLEASE NOTE Margaret.
    Weather report:
    LAUNCESTON in Tasmania: Max 23 Celsius and cloudy
    Melbourne: 26 Celsius max. - mostly sunny but Victoria really
    needs rain to drench the state with the terrible threat of bush fires - Christmas day in Victoria will be a scorcher at
    present. Let it please rain in the countryside.
    Sydney: 19 Celsius and raining
    Brisbane: 31c Max - no way will it reach that mark and showers.

    1. Colin thanks a lot for a nice weather forecast. I love sunny weather....

  2. The light is coming! Enjoy it!

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas!!! xo

  4. You are going to be very busy then Gosia. Have fun being busy.
    Yes, Colin I've noted Launc3eston's weather wasn't missed out on today. Thanks. The temperature reached 24 today. Christmas Day it's supposed to be 30 degC.

    1. Merci.
      Well I was only one degree out and that was from the "so-called" experts from the weather bureau - who I am sure sit in bunkers and don't get outside to observe.
      Strange that way back my grandparents and rural uncles and aunts - without TV had a far better knowledge of what the weather was going to do. AND THEY WERE RIGHT!
      You really don't require a PhD for the weather.
      Cloud watching and sniffing the air worked far better.
      Cheers Gosia ( Margaret)and to my Tasmanian mate, another Margaret.

      Here: 4.30 pm - lovely conditions nowhere like predicted by the "experts".
      Funny how in the rural conditions you can smell the weather, but in "Suburbia" with the smelly diesel trains and the traffic - you can't - POLLUTION has a lot to answer for.

    2. Margaret being busy can be also nice. I am going to bake a cheesecake and a popppy cake and some salads. I am going to take some photis and send you..

  5. So nice to see blue sky! But, if you go to your "summer place" in winter, doesn't that make it your "winter place"? Whatever you call it, enjoy your break from school!

    1. Mitchell you are right is is our summer and winter palce because we spend there a lot of our free time.... It is our second house and hometown

  6. Merry Christmas and Blessed New Year to you and love ones!