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Sunday, 6 December 2015

St. Nicholas Day is today!!

6th December 2015

Today is Saint Nicholas Day so it means we give each other small gifts. It is a cheerful day and we have a lot of fun. Yesterday I was in the city centre and I came across a fantastic red man who was standing in the one of the balconies.

I believe the owner of the flat is impatiently waiting for Christmas.

The weather is typically like in early spring so it means no White Christmas!!!


  1. Hello Gosia, I have a new blog - you can delete the old one and now follow me here. I love your pictures here today and I wish you a Happy St. Nicholas day!

  2. Happy Saint Nicholas Day! I love the waving Santa on the balcony!

  3. Hi Gosia, Happy Saint Nicholas Day! Love the red man and leafless branches.