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Sunday, 13 December 2015

My neighbour's garden in December

13th December 201

The photos I took today at 2.pm.

Greetings from Poland. 
I believe  you feel colder now my Aussie friends Margaret, Andrew and Colin..


  1. Winter weather in Hawaii is just more rain and we are getting it now which is making everything green.

  2. Colder?????????
    Gosia - we are now in summer and it will get hotter by the week, culminating in February went it is by far the hottest and fiercest. If you ever visit Australia - DON'T COME IN FEBRUARY.
    March/April/May or September/October/November and sometimes
    December are wonderful. If you are a skier then come in winter
    to the Southern Highlands snow fields - the atmosphere is very European with the chalets etc etc.
    Today Brisbane will have a max. of 30 Celsius and will be like this all this week - Christmas/Boxing days unfortunately for the outdoor festivity people (most are like this here)
    rain is expected. Nothing like a "Barbie" for Christmas day so we can all do the "Aussie wave" !!!
    PS: Aussie flies like BBQ's - ha ha - thus the famous "Aussie waves". Has nothing in this instance to do with our famous beach "waves" for the surfers.

    1. Colin thank for ytour advice who knows maybe one day I visit your country.. but definitely in July and August. Polish like BBQ vey much too

  3. I am already tired of warm days and long for some cold weather.

    1. Andrew I know we have had too hot summer and I was very tired

  4. Lovely conifers in your neighbours garden and a lovely green lawn. Oh my, wish our lawn was as green.
    Thanks for the mention :)

    1. Margaret i also have conifers in my summer garden they are lovely

  5. Your neighbors garden is lovely Gosia!