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Sunday 20 March 2016

Lipnica Murowana, Poland, And Its Famous Palm Contest

20th March 2016

Personally I don't do a palm but I admire how skilfull are some people.

The traditional contest for tallest Easter palm attracted thousands of local residents
 and tourists to Lipnica Murowana on Palm Sunday.

The small village in southern Poland is well known for its tradition dating back to 1958.

Residents of Lipnica and surrounding villages gather there every year to present hand-made palms made of willow and bedecked with flowers and ribbons, symbolising the sacrifice of Christ as well as the rebirth of life. According to the rules of the competition the palms cannot have any metal parts.

The highest palms presented in this year's contest reached almost 30 metres, with the winner made by Zbigniew Urbanski coming in at 29.4 metres.

Smaller palms were made by children and a local kindergarten presented their own, made with the help of teachers.

Palm-making has is strongly embedded in Poland's Easter traditions. The most common palms are made of dried grasses and evergreens such as wild bilberry sprigs, boxwood and catkins, as well as flowers made of paper tissue.


  1. What great fun. I hope the palms don't become so tall, they break and hurt anyone.

  2. Amazing Palm contest. So tall! Not easy to keep them upright.

  3. Oh my goodness, they are tall. Lovely video.

  4. I didn't know about this tradition. It looks good fun and those tall palms are amazing.
    Maggie x