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Tuesday 22 March 2016

The second day of spring is terrible in Europe

 22nd  March 2016
Today was a gloomy day in Upper Silesia but nice. But the most terrible news has arrived from  Brussels. The terrorist attack in Belgium. It means we are not safe in Europe any more. Which country will be the next Poland, Germany, Italy who knows?
The photo of the church in Gdansk.
We must live normally to work, to travel in bussiness or in private matters. Or simply fly for holidays...

The Roman Catholic Church in Gdansk
Maybe we should pray for peace...

What is the best solution.?. Which way is the best? How to live in our Europe.

The first flowers in the spring..


  1. Yes, it is a sad day for Belgium, for Europe, and for the world.

  2. Words fail me when it comes to these "insane" terrorist outrages. I would not be game to really put down on paper what I think.
    This incredible influx of 'refugees' into Europe is becoming a nightmare of proportions unheard of. How do you sort at the border crossing "the chaff from the wheat"?
    Greece and Turkey must be going through pure hell.

    The Catholic church looks wonderful and obviously from the new sprouting flowers - Spring has SPRUNG!!

    1. Colin I think the suituation is very serious and gettting worse and worse... What is the solution. Europe was too tolerant for strangers. Irt was and is a typical mistake

  3. Awful business in Brussels. What do the places where the terrorist attacks have happened have in common? That is Paris and Brussels. You are probably safe in Poland.

    1. Andrew who knows curently each country is not safe

  4. Beautiful spring flowers to brighten up a sad day for the world. Today it's Brussels, tomorrow ... who knows?

  5. Dreadful, just dreadful.
    Be safe.

  6. It is a sad day. The world is no longer a safe place. Things have gone terribly wrong. Thank you for spring that brings us hope.

  7. It is a sad time. We must pray for peace every day. Spring lifts the spirits during this difficult time. x Karen