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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Public transport

3rd March 2016

Living in a big city is not easy but I can admit our public transport works well during day and night..

Good night from Europe


  1. Gosia
    Your European Public transport system is the envy of every Aussie who has been fortunate to have travelled to Europe,
    and as we are probably the most travelled nation on Earth,
    we should know.
    Here in my state of Qld and NSW is probably on a par, the Minister for Transport, The CEO of the Transport Dept and the staff - the higher you get up the chain, the worse - are all graduates with Honours from the "University of Orangutans for Backward Learning".
    With sincere apologies to the family of Orangutans!
    Timetables, cleaning and announcements are the greatest joke on the planet.
    How I envy your system.

    1. Colin here in a big metroplis the public transport buses trains and trams are mostly clean. During rush hours the traffic jams are huge so the trams are the best option.

  2. Well that's good, as it's nice to read that someone is happy with the system.
    On our island we have public transport of buses.