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Saturday, 5 March 2016

The first weekend of March

6th March 2016
March has arrived so I am thinking about spring. Firstly about my daughter's and husband's birthdays. Secondly about dinner on Easter Sunday. And what is more important about my garden near my summer house. I am going to buy pansies next weekend and plant them in the end of March during our Easter break.
I have a lot of tulips i my garden so I am expecting a colourful carpet of them.

I would like to buy these flowers in the photo above,

My flowers in June 2015.

And my last decision I am buying magnolia tree next weekend and I think the pink one is the most beautiful.


  1. What are those flowers in the second shot--do you know their name? I like your flowers, and like you I am looking forward to spring.

  2. Tulips always look so good. In a few years you will have a magnificent magnolia tree, there to be enjoyed by following generations.

  3. Looking forward to see your garden and flowers in spring. You have a big garden to plants lots of flowers and trees.

  4. Oh my gosh! Spring is coming, I'm excited to see the beautiful flower beds!