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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Railway station of 21st century

14th May 2014
For decades Katowice - the capital of Silesian Province had a serious PR problem menacing shape of its own central train station - a truly ghastly architectural abomination that sheltered all manner of strange smells and a host of dubious characters.

The old train station in 2010

The new railway station.

The 21st has began


  1. Wow, the shape and all the glass are really striking. Oh, no! Not McDonalds! It should be a Polish restaurant.

  2. What a great station. Always looks good when new.
    Nice to see McDonalds are there too!

  3. What a great new space... except for McDonalds!

  4. It looks fantastic! Beautiful shapes and very inviting. Definitely an improvement.