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Friday, 25 March 2016

Good Friday in the small town

25th March 2016

Today is Good Friday in the Roman Catholic Church. A lot of people go to the church.
In my country Good Friday is not a public holiday but some businesses finish work earlier.
The weather was perfect for walking and relaxing. A lot of people did shopping so the shops were very crowded.

While we were driving a car we have noticed an amazing house in the tree. It was located in the private property so I think father has made it for their children.

Willow trees in the residential area look charming.



  1. Hello, Gosia. Happy Easter weekend to you and yours!

  2. What a big and strange treehouse.
    Have a good time in the countryside.

    1. Thanks a lot it is going to be a great time

  3. I love tree houses. I'm sure the children are thrilled but that one is dangerously close to the busy highway. Happy Easter weekend to you and your family.

    1. I was so suprised to see it close the road..

  4. Gosia and clan.
    I totally agree with "JOYFUL", how the authorities allowed
    a kids' tree house to be built virtually overlooking a road - busy road or not - is extremely ridiculous.

    Strange also that in predominately Catholic Poland, Good Friday is not a holiday. Would be this because of "political correctness" and that some religions may object??

    With the present influx of "REFUGEES" invading Europe, many of whom appear to be young men with no family ties, I wonder what next edict will be enforced in Europe to appease
    these people??
    Assimilation seems to have gone into the now remote annuls of history!
    Another fantastic summer like day in Brisbane for the 4 day holiday weekend.

    1. Colin I don't know how they can istall it . I was looking at it. The house seems very solid but it is not safe.
      Waht about Good Friday . Since centuries it was not public holiday. We have only two days which we celbrate as Easter Sunday and Monday. Have a great time

  5. Happy Good Friday, Gosia! Happy Easter too!

  6. The willow trees are so graceful