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Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Tomorrow is a national holiday........

6 th January 2015

Wow I am happy because tomorrow is a national holiday - Epiphany so we don't work - schools shopping mall and businesses are closed. So ti means I can walk with my dog and relax at home...

Epiphany is very popular here but personally I don't take part in any processions... but I would like to read some books and do some paperwork's... I believe it will be a nice day with Sun and friendly temperature. Currently is 10.45 p.m.and only -3C degrees - wonderfully.... Spring is on the corner.. Hurrah''
( From Wikipedia)
Many people in Poland celebrate Epiphany (Trzech Króli), an annual national holiday on January 6, to mark when the three wise men, or kings, visited baby Jesus.
A street procession celebrates Epiphany in a city in Poland.

What Do People Do?

Epiphany is a big celebration in many places in Poland, featuring street parades, caroling of songs, and reenactments of the Nativity scene. The street parades usually involve a procession of the 3 wise men who give people candy and small treats in some towns and cities. Local parish priests preach about the significance of Epiphany and many houses are blessed. Some people place above their doors 3 small boxes, each containing water, incense, and chalk in memory of the wise kings’ gifts to Jesus.

Public Life

Epiphany is a national public holiday in Poland, so schools, banks, government offices and most private businesses are closed. There is a trade prohibition on public holidays in Poland. People intending to travel via public transport during public holidays must check with the public transit authorities on any changes to time schedules.


Epiphany is a Christian feast that commemorates both the three wise kings’ visit to infant Jesus as well as Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River. Epiphany was a holiday that was cancelled during the Communist regime in Poland, but it was restored as an official public holiday across the country in 2011. It is celebrated in many other countries worldwide.


The 3 boxes containing water, incense and chalk are usually marked with the letters K, M, and B and crosses after each letter to symbolize the three kings – Kacper, Melchior and Baltazar – who visited Jesus.

Nativity scene at night...

Christmas decorations at my temporary housing..


  1. Happy Epiphany, Gosia! Enjoy your day off.

  2. Enjoy the day, Margaret!
    In France, they do no processions,,but they have a special cake that has a little trinket hidden in one piece, and whoever gets it, gets a little gift. In the US, we do nothing at all, and most people are completely unaware off it!

    1. I have read about this tradition in France

  3. The Epiphany is celebrated here. But not to the extent of Poland.
    I recall as an Altar Boy - 1950's it being a major Feast day.
    Rain has gone in Brisbane and the sauna is back - well at least 5 weeks of summer have passed with the "sweat box".
    Still raining from that rain cyclone/depression in FNWQ - the outback so many smiles and that is good.
    Food does NOT appear by miracles on Supermarket Shelves as many "City Slickers" think!
    Nah -3 Celsius is still FAR too cold.

    1. Ooops - WITHOUT THE "SWEAT BOX".
      Maybe I need a small dose of Bytom weather - very small thank you - ha ha.

    2. Colin I am waiting for spring and I hope you can survive your hot summmer

  4. We have the same day here but nobody celebrates it let alone knows what it's about.
    Have a goo day off.

    1. Margaret in Rurope Epiphany is popular in many countries, Spain, France Germany Austria and so on..

  5. Happy holiday, Gosia. Over here, our malls and eateries remain open for all main public holidays.

    1. Nancy in Poland there are 11 days public holidaysd when all shops are closed,

  6. I hope you enjoy a relaxing day.