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Saturday 9 January 2016

All I want is summer

10th January 2015
 In calendar is winter but I am dreaming about sunny hot days. So I upload photos which I took in the South East of Poland last year..
At that place my ancestors lived and  over hundred years ago left it forever ... Starting their journey to other countries US, and France..

Last summer was great but too hot. What weather is going to be this summer. The scientists are expecting much more hotter summer than last one..


  1. Oh Gosia! This part of Poland looks like the Philippines. It has ricefields too!

  2. Ah, summer! This is the first January I'm not longing for summer! It's just right here, cool nights and cool days, but not cold.

  3. So far here in Brisbane - the weather has been perfect for summer - warm days and cool evenings and nights.
    But bloody February is still to come!!!
    That crop as shown doesn't look like rice fields/paddies to me, it looks like wheat or maybe barley?????

  4. I'm not wishing my summer away, so far it's been a wonderful summer.

  5. very nice post ! Keep working dear ! I wish all the best for you !
    ps If you want to follow each other just follow me and let me know i will do the same asap !


  6. Hi Gosia, over here it is getting very hot and sweaty. Looks like it will be hot until March!

  7. Come on, Gosia! Poles are tough and resilient! LOL