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Sunday, 3 January 2016

Monday puzzle and some nice houses

 4th January 2015

After Christmas an New Year you feel better so the first puzzle for you. Be creative. I am waiting for correct answer...
What does it sell?

I would like to show you typical houses in the small towns. All houses were built in early 2000s. They look nice and comfortable... 

Photos were taken on 31st December 2015



  1. I could not guess, so I cheated and I now know. I won't say here to allow others to guess. Has this machine taken away a job an old lady dressed in black and selling these items?

  2. It's interesting to see the houses, which are a bit different from ours.
    I have no idea what the machine sells!

  3. I think it sells "body parts" - ha ha.
    Not a clue really and those machines here are very
    good at robbing you, take your money and don't deliver
    the lollies or drinks!
    Same with the automatic ticket machines for rail travellers.
    These are REAL money making machines for the government - I refuse to use them! A person serves me - not a bloody machine doing a person out of a job.
    Very drab looking day - hope it shone up later.
    4 weeks of the start of the 2016 tennis season here
    so I am glued to the TV!

  4. Have no idea what that machine is..

  5. Lol! Gosia, being a curious person, I checked it out but not telling here. The houses there are very pretty! Love the open space.

  6. Nice lovely houses! I wonder what that machine was selling. What about soda?

  7. I really have no idea what is in the machine, so will have to wait. Maybe soda cans? It looks very unusual, for sure. Nice houses, Gosia.

  8. Wow so nobody does't answer correctly. And the correct answer is ; a machine which is situated next to the cementery which sells candles in different shapes and sizes which relatives and friends but for their loved ones who passed away. I love this idea it was installed by local authorities...