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Sunday 31 January 2016

Welcome February

1st February 2016

Today we start the second month of the year . This year February has 29 nine days.

Last year February was divided the first part was in the wintry landscape and the second part was spring. What about this year. Let's wait but according to weather forecast - the first half the weather is going to be like in early spring but the second one - who knows maybe winter. This winter is very mild but it was  10 frosty days. I love this winter..

Last February - winter holidays from 1st - 14th February

February 15th - 28th 2015

Have a great week!!
See you tomorrow..


  1. Gosia - at present 1.30 pm Monday - some of that Polish snow would be MOST welcome, although storms appear and then go, no cooling rain falls, still the nights are good.
    Another storm is approaching - all the noise and bluster but will it or won't it???
    Hope you got my morning e-mails on previous post and the tennis photos of Angelique and her celebrations.
    Sweatbox Colin - ha ha

    1. Colin you can send me a piece of your nice weather to Poland. Thanks for your email I admire your snake but I would like to meet them

    2. I am bloody sure that if you copped the February weather of Australia you'd be screaming blue murder.
      I can assure you it is NOT NICE !!!

      I never knew that snakes, members of the reptile
      family, were to be admired - the only snakes I like are VERY DEAD ones.
      But on farms - carpet snakes are beneficial and helpful in keeping the rodent population very much under control.
      You would be one of the rare overseas tourists who would like to get up chummy like with our venomous snakes. Check the website of Australian snakes - that is the safest way to "meet them".

  2. That snow looks so good, kind of wish there was some for me to cover myself with, would cool me down.

    1. Margaret now we do not have any snow. Typically early spring weather 10C degrees

  3. I hope, whatever the weather, it's a wonderful month.

  4. I don't think we will see snow this year.