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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I am angry this winter

20th January 2016

I am ver angry because"
- firstly I have problem with my Internet connection,
- secondly my camera is out of order and reparind it is too expensive so is better to buy new one.
The only postive aspect now is mild winter,,


  1. So sorry about the internet connection. That would really frustrate me, too. As for the camera... You get to buy a new one!!!

  2. Sorry about the Internet connection. My side sucks too. The telco said my area is black hole arwa. Hard to get line. So i know how frustrating it is. Bern like this for twoyears

  3. Lovely photos. Hope things get better for you soon!

  4. Hi Gosia, at least there is something to be thankful to have a mild winter. I too know how frustrating it is not to be connected to the internet. About your camera, its a good excuse to get a better one.

  5. Internet failure is always a pain. I just had my camera lens cleaned. 75 euro.


  6. No use getting angry. Doesn't improve anything.
    My internet went down for 1/2 hour yesterday, I have been told
    it has something to do with atmospheric systems - whatever that might bloody be??? ha ha.

    1. You wouldn't believe it - the moment the above comment went up, my INTERNET, went down. You'd be mortified what I had to say about Poland - ha ha. Not complimentary I can assure you!
      Amusing comments below, I suggest you invest in a TEXAN OIL field????????
      Cheers and good luck and PATIENCE.

  7. Looks like you have reached the end of your rope with the technology. The good thing is that cameras are not so expensive as they used to be, it seems, maybe because of the cell phone technology?

  8. Throw you broken camera at your modem. It will make you feel better.

  9. That's a pain in the neck then with your internet connection.
    Hope it's soon repaired.
    A new camera it seems, I wouldn't even both to get my camera repaired for the very reason you have stated.