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Monday 4 January 2016

I love my city ..... but not cold days..

5th January 2015

Today I have come back to my work. In the morning the temperature  was horrible -18 C degrees.
So I wear a hot hat and a coat and start my journey to work but happily the public transport worked perfectly and no delays - buses and trams drive in time. 
At the bus station I was surprised our local authorities take care of our citizens and they install outside heaters.

So I have felt better and warmer...

Perfect idea in the wintry day!!1


  1. Certainly looks bleak - far too cold for me to be
    going to work - ha ha.
    I think I would be doing the "hibernating stunt" and waiting
    till "Spring" for a reappearance.
    Raining here - has been all night - no complaints from me.
    Better still it is still coming down in the outback regions
    and the rivers, creeks and dams are rapidly filling up.
    Very happy people in the outback. Now for follow up rains
    in February/March. Hopefully a weather miracle will happen.

  2. We never have outside heating like that! It was -15˚C here this morning.

  3. WOW that's cold as you say.
    What a wonderful idea to keep everyone much warmer.
    Enjoy your New Year at work, and hope all goes well.

  4. So I guess you won't give me any sympathy when I whine that it's ONLY 16C here today (that's PLUS 16C).

  5. Brrr, it does look cold in your photos. All the little outdoor shelters in Minneapolis and St Paul have heaters and I always appreciated them. The only problem was, the heat blew down from above so your head was warm, your face burning, and feet freezing!