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Friday, 22 January 2016

The most important place for families Kondej and King

23rd January 2016

I love my family history so I have gathered a lot of materials which are very important to me. On this place in 19th century was the wooden hut where my ancestors lived and set off to USA and different countries, It was a small village Ustrobna where my ancestors were born and lived. In the past my ancestors were farmers and had a lot of animals an vegetables and almost half ot the village belonged to them. As I know from Roman- Catholic records in Ustrobna the most significant families were Kondej and King but most of them decided to leave homeland and looked for better life in different continent or countries..
Was it the right decision? From my point of view definitely yes.. At that time Poland didn't exist on the map because of partition. Here was Austra, So my ancestors were Austrian..
And it was the poorest part of Austria..I think they were wise people so they decided to have better opportunities for their children..

Here  was a wooden house here but now is only some trees. 

The oak Ustrobniok is very old so it is the only witness of that hard times..

The oak tree is over 315 years ..

Roots are the most important in our life.. Do you agree?


  1. Yes, we have all grown from our roots.

  2. Yes it is important to know our roots and fun trying to find them. You have done well.

  3. I agree with you. It's so nice that you can still trace your roots and where they lived.

  4. Impressive such an old tree.


  5. For me, what you do in the present and what you do with your history matters more than the history itself. But knowing your family's stories can be fascinating and can put the world and your life into perspective. Just thinking about that tree is a bit of magic for me!

  6. Always good to know the family tree if interested..

  7. Isn't it interesting to think that that tree witness the lives of your family, which you cannot do. When I went to see the land my great grandfather homesteaded in northern Minnesota the house was gone except for a depression where the foundation was built and a huge oak tree my grandma remembered playing under as a young child. It gave me chills to stand under it!

  8. Family trees are very important. It is good to know about our ancestors and family members.

  9. It's great that you know so much about your roots. It's all so very interesting. I love the oak tree too.