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Sunday 16 August 2015

Cycling in the countryside

17th August 2015

As you know cycling is my favourite pastime so I cycle as often as possible. I cycle about 1 hour or 2 daily. But since 1st September I come back to work so it won't so easy to do it. Typical daily routine and shortage of time. Cycling I took some interesting photos of countryside..

Rowan tree which I love very much . Red fruit of this tree is a typical sign of autumn in my climate zone.

Our local river..

And the meadows..

In the foreground - summer house

A little house from the past...

Have a nice Monday


  1. I am sure you are enjoying your cycling exercise very much with all these lovely scene along the way.

  2. A nice route you have for your cycling!

  3. Interesting scenery around your cycling area. You must be one fig lady.

  4. Enjoyed the photos from your ride. I can see the work of the drought though; that river appears to be very low! Nice to see the little house.

    1. Bethany the drought is very serious here