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Monday, 17 August 2015

St Mary's Church - Gdansk, Poland


  1. Gosia.
    What a magnificent choral ensemble - the singing was purely uplifting.
    I checked a few facts on the church - now a Basilica of the Assumption
    of the Blessed Mary, so it has possibly a cardinal as the main celebrant?
    The works of art in it are priceless.
    Gdansk is really one of the crowns of Poland in every sphere.
    Thank you for the video clip - that did the Basilica proud.
    PS: Yes from your previous reply - I love history. Without a knowledge of
    history we are paupers.

  2. Hi Gosia, thank you for this lovely tour of St. Mary's Church. I get to see what I wouldn't have a chance to see on my own. And it is a very rich church, rich in history too!