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Monday 17 August 2015

Freedom begins here in Gdansk.


  1. Gosia
    Poland has had many trials and triumphs over the long years of history.
    Just look at musical composers - Chopin etc.
    I could listen to Chopin for hours on end - his music clears the brain.
    This modern stuff - Chopin must be spinning in his grave!

    But in 1980 Lech Walesa defied them all.
    The Peanut US President Jimmy Carter - what a joke he was!
    Probably never had a clue where Poland was!
    Leonid Brezhnev, the last really of the Stalinist mob and what a horrible person this individual was.
    But in 1980 there was one very influential person in power, the former Cardinal of Kracow - John Paul II.
    It was a case "lets get on with freedom and stuff the stupidity of East and West".
    I think the Government of then West Germany saw Lech as their savior also,
    as did the rest of the countries under Soviet dominance.
    Lech has already established his name in history.
    Colin ( Brisbane. Australia)
    PS: Hope you are enjoying Margaret's travels on her excellent blog.
    You could fit a few Polands into Western Australia!

    1. Colin you are definitely a history lover. History of Poland is very complicated.Yes I follow Margaret's blog is an amazing one

  2. Thank you, Gosia for sharing this video. It shows that unity and courage is very powerful.

  3. I remember watching this on TV News. It was a great event.

    1. yes it was a big event but I don't remember so much because I was a small girl at that time

  4. I only have a black square....never mind shall view when I get home in September..