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Sunday 9 August 2015

Gdansk it is a place which worth visiting

10th August 2015

Gdańsk , German: Danzig,  is a Polish city on the Baltic coast, the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland's principal seaport and the centre of the country's fourth-largest metropolitan area.
The city lies on the southern edge of Gdańsk Bay (of the Baltic Sea), in a conurbation with the city of Gdyniaspa town of Sopot, and suburban communities, which together form a metropolitan area called the Tricity , with a population near 1,400,000. Gdańsk itself has a population of 460,427 (December 2012), making it the largest city in the Pomerania region of Northern Poland.
Gdańsk is the historical capital of Gdańsk Pomerania and the largest city of Kashubia. The city was close to the former late medieval boundary between West Slavic and Germanic seized lands and it has a complex political history with periods of Polish rule, periods of German rule, and extensive self-rule, with two spells as a free city. Between the World Wars, the Free City of Danzig was in a customs union with Poland and was located between German East Prussia and the "Polish corridor" to the sea where the harbour of Gdynia grew up. Gdańsk has been part of modern Poland since 1945.
Gdańsk is situated at the mouth of the Motława River, connected to the Leniwka, a branch in the delta of the nearby Vistula River, whose waterway system supplies 60% of the area of Poland and connects Gdańsk to the national capital in Warsaw. This gives the city a unique advantage as the center of Poland's sea trade. Together with the nearby port of Gdynia, Gdańsk is also an important industrial centre. Historically an important seaport and shipbuilding centre, Gdańsk was a member of the Hanseatic League.
The city was the birthplace of the Solidarity movement which under the leadership of Lech Wałęsa, played a major role in bringing an end to Communist rule across Central Europe.

I invite you for a small pictorial walk through Gdansk. Enjoy!!!

Gdansk Medical University.
 During WWII the Nazis in this building produced from dead bodies the soap. It is hard to believe ...... but it is true ...

Interesting mural near tram stop

Tram to the beach. Public transport works well

Gdansk is 755 years old. The commercial of Saint Dominic Fair..

Nice park and old building


  1. Well done Gosia for the history of the city - Gdansk/Danzig.
    I studied Modern History in my secondary college years and
    that covered the period from Napoleon up to post WW2.
    I loved my history and still am an avid reader of history and
    Needless to say the Polish Corridor was a big part of the history
    leading up to WW2.
    Shocking regarding the use of that university and the soap making.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

  2. Awful about the soap. The mural is terrific. All good cities have trams.

  3. The city played a major roll back then. Thanks for the information...

    1. The city was very important in the history for Poland and later in Germany

  4. Shocking about the soap making. It is interesting to tour with you.

  5. Wow, 755 years old! Great walk through the city, Gosia.

    1. The re are a lot of old cities here. My city where I live is 761

  6. bright colors, nice mural!

  7. I loved the historical information about your lovely city and I enjoyed looking at the nice amenities. Your photos, including that of the mural are lovely!
    Have a Great Week!
    Peace :)

  8. Welcome to Monday Mural. We all remember Gdansk as the center of solidarność. It's good to see the contemporary city. Dziękuję for contributing to this week's Monday Mural. Hope you'll participate again.