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Sunday 23 August 2015

Welcome- Autumn..

24th August  2015

It is summer but autumn is knocking at our door. Today I have upload photos which were taken at my summer place,. The photos presents the old house where the famous poet lived in the beginning of the 20th century...

So my autumn way..

 It is time to rake leaves, isn't it?


Maria Konopnicka was born in Suwałki in May 1842, and married at the age of 20. With her husband Jarosław she had six children, but he was a man unimpressed with his wife’s literary talent, and eventually she left him, moving to Warsaw with their offspring.
Konopnicka continued to write, producing stories for children as well as poems, and focusing her pen on oppression of Polish Jews, Irish revolutionaries, and oppressed women.
Later, she became close to and lived with a woman called Maria Dulębianka, younger than her, whom she addressed as ‘Pietrek’. Dulębianka, rather masculine in appearance, compared to Konopnicka’s feminine style, was present at Maria’s side at family events, and, nine years after Konopnicka’s death in 1910, she was buried in the same grave, at Konopnicka’s family’s wishes.
Later, her body was exhumed and buried elsewhere – and there has never been an explanation why.

In case of fire - place for evacuation is here. It is very funny for me..

 I would like to live here for a while..

And my favourite poem  by Konopnicka - nice memory from my childhood
Grandpa will come today,
In the big chair will sit,
Cute novels
Will tell me
Let the fire burn, fire burn happily
You, gold sparkles, please fly around!
Grandfather has seen a lot
A lot of the land descended;
He doesn’t even remember
When was he born.
Let the fire burn, fire burn happily
You, gold sparkles, please fly around!
As grandfather begins
Telling a variety of wonders,
This old world is
In front of me like a living thing.
Let the fire burn, fire burn happily
You, gold sparkles, please fly around!
And the old homestead,
And the people, and molds …
Till morning
I dream about them!
Let the fire burn, fire burn happily
You, gold sparkles, please fly around!

Have a great day!!


  1. What a grand family estate.
    The drive is very picturesque.
    Do you still live here at times?
    Here we are coming into Spring - September 1st.
    Actually this winter in Australia except to a week or two has
    been remarkably mild and August the month I detest due to the
    southerly winds just didn't happen this year.
    Maybe we are in for a scorcher of a summer - Dec. to end of Feb,2016.???
    February is the hottest month here in Brisbane for summer.
    Very interesting post.

    1. Colin on 23rd September we start autumn which last years is very friendly and comfortable. And the hottest month at my climate zone is July and the coldest one January but last year we don't have any winters or snow...When I was a child the climate was colder than now. I remember snowy winters but nor=w it is only a nice memory....

  2. I do like the driveway with the trees.
    Nice poem..

    1. Me to is charming . A lot of nelyw weds took photos here

  3. Lovely autumn pictures and nice place to stay.

    1. Nancy it is nice place to stay for a while