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Saturday 29 August 2015

Power plant in Bytom

30th August 2015

When I walk with my dog I pass this well-known Power Plant which was built in 1920. The building is huge and impressive one.

The power plant was completed after World War I, and started operations in 1920, providing electricity for Bytom region (then part of Germany). The structure, originally intended to be an explosives factory, covers approximately 36,000 square metres (390,000 sq ft). It was originally operated by Schaffgotsch Bergwerksgesellschaft GmbH (a German company of the Schaffgotsch family). The structure was designed by German architects Georg and Emil Zillmann, known in Silesia as architects of the Nikiszowiecand Giszowiec districts in nearby Katowice. Notable features of the design included a large hall (2,800 square metres (30,000 sq ft)), three 120-metre (390 ft) chimneys, and a clock tower with a clock, one of the largest turret clocks in Poland.
By World War II the plant had a capacity of 100 MW. Quickly rebuilt after the war, and operating at a similar capacity in the 1950s, the Szombierki Power Plant was one of the largest in the People's Republic of Poland and Europe.

The Power Plant Szombierki belengs to ERIH.

There are plans to convert it into a museum or a similar type of a cultural institution.

In the 1970s, the power plant was converted from a thermal power station to a combined heat and power plant. It was modernised up until the mid 1990s, and from 1993 it was owned by Zespół Elektrociepłowni Bytom S.A. Since the late 1990s, the power plant has been operating at a significantly reduced capacity, used primarily as a reserve power plant. It is considered an industrial monument (a part of the Trail of Monuments of Engineering in the Silesian VoivodeshipSetting around power plant


  1. the smoke stacks sure draw your attention.

  2. Hi Gosia
    If not of any use at present as it is pretty old - almost 100 years
    and if it is structurally safe, then it could be an interesting site
    for a museum of historical importance of the area.
    The smoke stacks would certainly need to be carefully
    checked for any structural faults.
    You are to be congratulated on such an informative blog.
    I only look at a very select few blogs which are geographic, historical,
    travel or food appreciation.
    What your pet cat did overnight is of no interest to me whatsoever.
    PS: We got a good downpour here in Brisbane late yesterday afternoon
    and then on through the night - I 'm sure your area would have lapped
    this rain up, but we needed the rain also.

    1. Colin we didn't have any serious rain sinceJuly. The temperature today is 34 C in the shadow and tomorrow is going to be 37C .Nightmare and serios drought

  3. It is a fine and interesting building.

    1. It was really impressieve many years ago

  4. This building is indeed huge and impressive with the two tall towers. I love the trees and plants.

    1. Nancy the powe has 3 chimneys but only two are visible in the photo