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Sunday 9 August 2015

Holidays on the big farm...

9th August 2015

We are on coming back to our home so it means we finished our one week holidays at the Baltic Sea. We were lucky again because weather was fantastic 36 C in the shadow. From Gdansk to our place is about 800 km so we have  decided to stay for two days at my cousin farm.The farm is very big  and located about 150 km from Gdansk. On the farm is a lot of work to do because it is a harvest time.
My cousin Theresa is 61 and she runs the farm with her daughter and her husband.  My cousin's daughter gas two children - Hannah 7 and Daria 17. They have 100 hectares of area so it means they are rather rich..

My daughter Kate on the swing

The nice garden

This year is a serious drought.. It was not any rain sin 1st July.

Potatoes in thew foreground

The old house which was build in 1840.... 

The new house which which was built last year in February..

There is abundance of fish in their pond...
Dogs are swimming in the pond to cool off in that heat...

Front door..

In the field my cousin's  son in law is working..

The big barn was built in 1948. And it is in the great shape currently..

The new tractor

Houses located in the village where my cousin lives

Sunset 8.30 p.m. and Hannah on her bike.....


  1. Is it just potatoes that are grown or do they produce other things?

    1. Andrew, they mostly produce wheat about 90% of the area, and the others crops veggies mainly cucumbers, potatoes, and corn.

  2. Potato farm - what are the potatoes for?
    Vodka production.
    Polish vodka is quite famous and here expensive.

    1. Collin they hve otwo hectares of potatoes but 90 hectares of wheat..

  3. Replies
    1. location is very comfortable too, only 20 km from big city