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Monday 31 August 2015

Goodbye holidays - welcome school!!!

1st September 2015

Today is 31st August  so it means we definitely have finished vacation as teachers. Tomorrow is the back to school. I  believe it is going to be a nice year.  It is the most important school year for my daughter who starts Secondary School - the last one before her studies. We have survived the hottest summer in our life - 36C degrees in shadow for almost two months ( today is 35 C). It was the worst summer because I suffer from serious allergy and I must take constantly pills. The positive side is we visited once again Gdansk and Baltic Sea. We also visited my cousin who lives on the big farm. We have driven about 3000 km at my place. But we didn't visit Italy but it is the plan for the next year.
Today I upload photos from my holidays which were taken through July and August.

Summer place where we spent 6 weeks

My garden in July.

Land of my ancestors.

Storsks at my summer place

Gladiolas at my garden

Nuts... I  am going to pick them in October and bake a cake for Christmas.

On the way to Gdansk

Orchad near Warsaw..

Welcome in Tricity

Oak Street in Gdansk

Lovely tram to the beach Gdansk

Baltic Sea

Old Town in Gdansk

The monument of Jewish children who survived.

 Shipyard Lenin in Gdansk
 Freedom begins here..

Centre of Gdansk

Tree in Gdansk

My cousin's house

My cousin's garden..

On the way back - Lodz Cathedral. It is city located in the centre of Poland


Rowan tree

My lovely summer place

My pears in the garden

Dog and her girl..

Vie from my balcony..

Local park fist autumn leaves..


Flowers which have survived draught.

Goodbye my summer house... 

Thanks for visiting!!!


  1. You had a great summer despite the heat and allergies!

  2. How exciting to see a stork's nest! It looks like you had a full and fun summer in spite of the hot days, but I'm sure it is the record heat that you will remember this summer by in years to come.

    1. the storks are amazing birds....yes it was the hottest summer ever recorded

  3. What a great collection of photos to represent your summer.

  4. You definitely have some lovely pictures by which to remember your summer, and your summer place is lovely. Thanks for sharing and best wishes for the upcoming school term!

  5. Interesting collection of summer photos of your holiday period.
    3,000 klms !!!!!!!!!! ??????????
    Seems you did a great deal of travelling in Poland to accumulate that amount of'
    Again another article in the Sydney and Brisbane papers - the Brisbane paper is
    no more than a sensational rag - to be read by the idiot brigade on this "Nazi Treasure" train. I have a feeling that it is a repeat of the so-called - "Hitler diaries",
    which of course never existed.
    Still sensationalism does sell papers - hopefully the Murdoch press is not behind this
    Rupert Murdoch next to those idiots Donald Trump and Jeb Bush is one of the most despicable persons to unfortunately grace this planet. Murdoch is an Australian born person who lives on 5th Avenue, NYC!
    On a par with Paul Joseph Goebbels when it comes to the word - "TRUTH".

    1. Yes it was a great trime and we had lovely time in our holmeland.

  6. I enjoyed your photos of your garden, the flowers, countryside, houses, and buildings. The Cathedral looks like it would be an interesting place to tour...and those storks certainly know how to build an impressive nest!

  7. Lovely tour of your summer holidays...good luck to you daughter, growing up fast...you enjoy your new term...

    1. Margaret children grow so fast..... Thanks

  8. Fajne zdjęcia z naszego rodzinnego kraju!