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Friday, 21 August 2015

Nazi Gold Train May Have Been Discovered In Poland

21st August 2015

If it is true information so it is the fantastic news.. ..

Have a nice Saturday!!!!


  1. Gosia
    1.I don't think that reporter had a bloody clue what he was waffling on about.
    2. Surely all railway tracks leave some form of evidence of having once existed.
    3. I worked in a section of the Brisbane Council and the section next area was
    the mapping section for roads, tunnels, drains etc that existed throughout the Brisbane Metropolitan area. This section was staffed with Polish people - quite
    amazing really - would lend you to think that Poles were great mappers.
    4. So that "begs" the question how come this rail track has taken so long
    to discover????
    5. It sure is a weird scenario. Hopefully it isn't a sham. I hope that the Polish
    Government gets to the bottom of this "new story" as soon as possible.
    Interesting times ahead, eh?

  2. So you support looting one country by other country. If what Hitler done is wrong then what these soldiers have done is also wrong. Looting of other countries and taking the wealth themselves and not giving it to the country for which they serve.

    1. Do you think about Poland who lost 6 million people and we diidn't get any refund from Germany.Is it fair?