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Saturday 15 August 2015

Interesting facts about Gdansk

16th August 2015
So, some interesting facts about Gdansk...
 Where is Gdansk? Gdansk is in Poland and is part of Trojmiasto, a region in Northern Poland consisting of three very different cities. Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia and has a population of 701,000 people. Lined with a beautiful coast, the city is a major tourist attraction for both Polish citizens and foreigners.
Charming streets with renovated houses

Motława River

The Old Town 

Srowded Streets

Gdansk famous for its old town and the history associated with it. Sopot is known throughout Poland as one of the best places to party and is the main Rival to Krakow as "Party capital of Poland" and Gdynia is the modern, business city of the three. Each city has its own specific climate, mentality and character.
Gdansk founded in 997, has been known by many names through its history which dating back 100s of years... Danzig, Kdanzk, Danczig, Gyddanyzc, Danzc, Danczk, Gdąnsk,  Gdania,  Danceke, Danczik and Gdanzc.
The Gdańsk region is famous for the Amber gem, a mineral of many colours.  Amber changes colour depending on the age of the nugget.
 Gdansk city was played a major part in the forming of the Solidarity movement against the Communist regime that had governed Poland between 1945-1989.
Some of the first shots fired during the WWII took place in Gdansk – Westerplatte, There is a monument there in honour of the Polish solders that stood for seven days against the German’s attack.

Have a sunny Sunday!! Cheeres from Poland..


  1. Yes Gosi, the "Polish Corridor" and the area of Danzig/Gdansk has a very interesting
    history. Especially after WW1 and Woodrow Wilson's insistence that Poland had sea access.
    I find this part of WW2 history rather absorbing to read and fully understand.
    Poland really is a landlocked country and Gdansk was the seaport that was needed
    for maritine commerce.
    You are doing an expert job on this region of Poland.
    The photos are very good also. Well done.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

    1. Ambers!!!!
      Would these ambers be the ones that have something to do with the famous
      Amber Room in some Ex-Tsarist palace, the Catherine Palace outside
      I guess way back when Poland was annexed to some degree by Tsarist Russia, the ambers were mined in now Poland and used to decorate the ornate famous room.

    2. Collin you are very good at Polish history. And it is very difficult to say what happened with Amber Room. Nobody knows. Where is it? Probably in Germany or Russia. It is one of the mystery of WWII.

  2. Lovely photos of Gdansk. I like the beautiful designs of the building in the old town. Nice view by the river too.

  3. It's certainly old with so many names it's had in the past....sounds like a fun places if it's known for its parties..

  4. Thanks for the great pics and information. Love your posts.

  5. It looks like a great place to visit!

  6. Thanks for the information about this city. It looks like a wonderful place to visit.