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Monday 10 August 2015

Gdansk some photos

11th August 2015
Gdansk is very old city. 755 is a long history. We have stayed in the part of the city which is old. There is a lot of modern apartments and detached houses here.
Most buildings in the city are renovated...

This house is sample of German architecture..

Buildings hee are made from red brick which is very popular for Germany, too..

The city offers nice parks for their residents and tourists..

The building is called The Old Mill - now is a supermarket.. and nice restaurant offers fantastic fish.

A charming river in the city..

Typical vehicle for tourists

Pizza and ice cream time..

The globe - interesting monument in front of the shop...

Tomorrow about St Catherine Church - well known place here,,.


  1. Excellent report on Gdansk, Gosia.
    Isn't it funny that the new World of the Americas and Australia
    were not even discovered when Gdansk was founded.
    Strange how some people can't get their heads around that fact.
    I wonder if like in Norway that the homes of the ancient tribes of
    the Gdansk region as they were then have been preserved in museums?
    The small tourist bus for sight seeing is a good idea - the smaller
    the tour bus and the more you hear the commentary from the guide.
    I've been on some European day city trips and been subjected to loud mouth
    tourists do nothing but noisely sprout forth on "how much better it is where they
    live" - why tour if that is all these "clowns" can do????
    Colin (Brisbane.Australia)

  2. I like the design of The Old Mill and the tourist bus. Enjoy your tour.

    1. Nancy Gdansk offeres a wide opportunity for tourists

  3. How good is the building across the river! I guess it was once a mill.

    1. Andrew you are right in the past it was a water mill

  4. Good to read. The photos are interesting too...