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Friday 28 August 2015

FREDERIC CHOPIN my favourite composer

30th August 2015

I love listening music and my favourite one is classical. My favourite composer is Frederic Chopin- Polish born. I like music but I can't play any musical instruments. When I was a student at elementary school I would like to play the guitar. So my parents bought me a wonderful guitar. I joined to the band but I was to lazy to play in it. So I gave up my musical career after one week. And I hide my guitar behind the wardrobe. When I got married and left my home  my parents found guitar and sold my younger neighbour. Luckily Chopin was much more gifted than me...

What about you? Can you play any musical instruments?


  1. "Freddie" Chopin !!!
    The maestro of the piano.
    Yes I learnt the piano from about 5 years to 14 years of age.
    Absolutely HATED the one hour of practice a day so played faster
    so as the time would pass quicker - (that doesn't work !!! - ha ha)
    I wanted to get back to horse riding, tennis or swimming etc - not sitting in front
    of a piano! Played classics and ragtime and could still play (reasonably) until
    I was about 30 and then gave it up completely.
    Chopin's Etude in C minor - "The Revolutionary" is a great favourite of mine.
    I can't stand the rubbish of today's so called pop stars etc.
    I have CV's of Chopin and give them an "airing" every now and then.
    Not sure if the neighbours in the apartment appreciate my music - too bloody bad!
    Chopin would be spinning in his grave at the thought of a guitarist trying to play his music. Chopin and guitars somehow just don't seem to mix!!!

    I have the DVD - "The Pianist" - the musician in that was a Chopin player - excellent
    Movie - the fall of Wawsaw to the Germans, the result for the jews and the "liberation" and then occupation by the Soviets. The musician in this movie was World renowned
    and never left Poland!!!
    Also the author F.Scott Fitzgerald has the music of Chopin in his masterpiece story made into a movie - "Tender is the Night". The Chopin Etude used in this movie
    is one of Chopin's best - they renamed the Etude to the name of the film.
    Thanks for the video.

    1. Movie: The Pianist.
      The story of Wladyslaw Szpilman - no doubt you have heard of him.
      The movie won 3 Academy Awards.
      The Wehrmacht officer who befriended Szpilman, Wilm Hosenfeld, died in a Soviet gulag camp in 1952.

    2. Colin of course I have watched the film is fantastic. And Szpilman lived 30 km from my city in Sosnowiec.

  2. I like Chopin's music. I have played it, still do, and done ballet to it..

  3. I play piano and organ, so am very familiar with Chopin. And we have been to the park where his "heart" is buried in Poland. I remember the roses there, as they were so beautiful.

    1. Linda the place where the heart is located is always well- maintained.