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Sunday, 11 October 2015

Life connected with US and Poland - my grandfather George..

11th September 2015

Today is a very cold and windy day in Bytom. How was the weather look like on 11th October 1900 in Pennsylvania. Why? Because that day my paternal grandfather was born. His childhood he spent in US but his adulthood in Poland. Definitely he didn't have an easy life here in Poland. He ran a small a farm to survive . He had 5 children and was an American citizen so it was very hard to survive for him and his family under communist government. He couldn't find any work so he didn't have any pension my father as the youngest son sponsored him to his death. I don't remember him very well because I was a little girl when he passed away.

I remember him as a short man with red hair who didn't like children especially noisy girls as me....

This my grandfather's certificate of baptism - the only document which I got from my father...

The love we have for Granddad
Will never fade away.
We’ll think of him, our special friend
Throughout each passing day.
We’ll walk into the room
And see his empty chair;
Although we know he’s resting,
We’ll feel his presence there.
The memories of his laughter,
His warm and loving smile,
His eyes so full of happiness,
His heart that of a child.
Memories are forever
Be they laughter or of tears,
Memories we will treasure
Through all the forthcoming years.
(Author Unknown)

In April 1979 in this small and charming church located in the village was my grandfather's celebration of life..


  1. This is such a lovely post. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Do you know why your grandfather left the U.S. for Poland? It would be interesting to know what drew him there.

    1. Cynthia I am going to write about it this weekend

  3. The story of your grandfather's life and challenges is fascinating. I tried finding the weather for anywhere in Pennsylvania for October 11, 1900, but didn't have any luck!

    1. Mitchell it would be nice to know how was the weather.

  4. Thanks for sharing this history.

  5. This is so interesting and touching. Thanks for telling us.

  6. Gosia
    Thanks for the e-mail address.
    When you retire every day is a holiday so I was TOLD, but that is a fallacy.
    Interesting birth certificate of your granddad, great that you have it preserved.
    Maybe his Polish "roots" were stronger than his love of life in the USA?
    Turning off PC this evening and I will be PC and e-mail free whilst on holidays.
    Holidays for me are to enjoy, not to be sitting reading e-mails or blogs.
    So its - well besides caring for Mother who is in a retirement village and is 93 - fun fun fun. The weather reports down south are favourable at present so that is a BIG PLUS.
    My two sisters who live south - one only 15 minutes drive away and the other in the northern suburbs of Sydney do the visitations weekly - but they are on the Rhone River
    in France - thus my job.
    Cheers for 2 weeks

    1. My dear Colin there were a lot of reasons to come back to Poland but definitely it was the right decision

  7. That's a lovely church. It's too bad your grandfather had to face so many struggles, but I'm glad your father took care of him in his old age.

    1. Bethany he was lucky because he was supported by my dad.

  8. Your grandfather was a hardworking man. Even his life in Poland may not be easy but he is blessed with a good son, your father to look after him till his death. Have a beautiful week!

  9. An interesting history Gosia. Thanks for sharing about your grandfather.


  10. Nice church , I like the interior