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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saturday is busy ...

23rd October 2015

Today I feel much better than yesterday.On Friday evening we luckily avoided collision with deer.

I was walking my dog at 8 a.m. So my small town was empty it is obvious Saturday..

The weather was nice...

The town centre- Town Hall

Street leading to the centre

The old charming house

Post office

In the afternoon we have prepared our garden to winter!!


  1. Good to know there was no collision and you are safe! Looks like winter is coming round the corner.

    1. Nancy unfortunately days are becoming colder and colder..

  2. Colision with deer? Are there so many in your region.


    1. Filip permanently I live in Upper Silesia but I have a summer house in the South East of Poland. It is 256 km from my flat. Yes there are a lot of deer here

  3. Hi Gosia
    Good God at 8.00 am and the streets are devoid of people. Polish persons must be good "sleeper ins" - ha ha!!!
    Regarding your question on favourite European Cities - well that is so hard, some are remarkable for culture, others for scenic locations and the list of what one sees as beauty goes on and on.
    Not necessarily in order of preference - these are my stand outs.
    Copenhagen (Denmark), Lausanne (Switzerland), Salzburg (Austria) - probably my favourite for many reasons - Nice/Monte Carlo (France/Monaco), Florence and the Tuscany area (Italy), Barcelona, Madrid and San Sebastian (Spain), Ulm (Germany) and Estorial (Portugal).
    I also enjoyed Nuremberg and Munchen for historical reasons in Germany.
    I was hoping that Heidelberg would be great - BUT the Red Student Brigade were
    in control - what a disappointment - but in Heidelberg in a Teutonic style restaurant I had the most delicious fish dish I still have ever eaten - BLUE TROUT!
    So funny really with me inside and police and students engaged in an all out brawl on the streets!

    1. wow you have a lot favourite cities in Europe

  4. A blessing to know that there were no after effects from the near collision.
    Amazing that on a Saturday morning no one is about..
    Be careful on your way home to your flat..

  5. You live in a beautiful town. Saturdays are the best days. xoxo

    1. Unfortunately it is only my summer place

  6. It is a very nice looking town. I wouldn't like the thought of preparing a garden for a harsh winter. I'm flat out looking after mine with mostly evergreen plants.

  7. Diene you are lucky we have winter..