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Friday, 2 October 2015

Once upon a time I was a student..

2nd October 2015

Today is the second of October so it means that many years ago it was  my second day as a student.In Poland we start academic year on 1st October every year.

In 1990-s  I was a student at University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Torun. It is a very interesting and historical city on the Vistula river. At that time I lived about 650 km from Torun it was a long distance in Polish conditions so I visited my parents every twice months.
I spent five wonderful year in that charming and impressive city with my friend. Now it is hard to believe I was a student  there. After my studies I decided not to come back to my parents with my boyfriend from Warsaw we   decided to start family in different part of Poland but my present house is also located 400 km from Torun.  Upper Silesia became our new homeland. I visited Torun only twice after my studies. Last year I visited Torun with my family - it was a great time the same streets, shops but no friends there.  And now I am in middle age so it it  difference...
Torun the city where the most Polish astronomer was built...

Collage from Torun
Torun and me  in 2014

Vistula River

I walked here every day with my friends.

The most famous statue of Nicoluas Coperrnicus ...


  1. Interesting photo of the mighty Vistula River.
    I don't think any river in Europe has so much importance
    from a military view.
    Throughout history - which ever country held the Vistula was
    in control either from an invasion moving north or one moving south.
    The bridge crossing the Vistula is certainly one built after WW2.
    What is the "white barge" on the side of the river - "The Katarzynka" ?
    Torun has quite a history - thanks to you, I wikipedia-ed the city.
    UNESCO Heritage listed and has a rather large Japanese community,
    the latter is quite remarkable I believe for a European city.
    Excellent report and photos, Gosia.
    Well done and thank you.
    Colin (Brisbane. Australia)

    1. The bridge was built in 1934 during WWII devastated by Germans. And ir was rebuilt in 1954. The Katarzynka is very popular barque which sails on the Vistula river..

  2. It's wonderful to see where you went to do your University Degree. Thanks for sharing. The flowers look very pretty.

    1. Torun is very interesting city and so crowded with tourists every season..

  3. So nonchalant. "After my studies I decided not to come back to my parents with my boyfriend from Warsaw we decided to start family"

    1. Andrew, you are right but I always was independent person.............

  4. It looks like a lovely place to earn your education. Good for you!

    1. It is great place to visit it......... Torun is famouis for gingerbreads...

  5. Torun has many interesting buildings and a beautiful river too!

    1. Vistula river is the longest river in Poland it is called "Queen of Polish rivers"