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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Poland (Polska) - Land of natural beauty | Pologne | Polen | Polonia | P...


  1. Hello Gosia. Poland is really beautiful. Thank you for the video.

  2. Hi Gosia

    Magnificent video highlighting areas/provinces/states of Poland.
    I recognised some of the names from military history and tour brochures.
    "Polonia" , now that brings back memories of that wonderful Movie - "Under the Tuscan Sun" of the three Polish workers who found work for the American lady
    who purchased that Villa and then helped remodel it.
    They when they finished and unbeknown to her built that plaque in her garden with the Italian word for Poland - Polonia.
    Did you see this movie?
    Again thanks for the magical tour.
    PS: Only expected to get to 21c tomorrow in Brisbane - rain on and off again all day.
    I wish it would do one or the other - not both. Very annoying ha ha.

    1. Colin I am glad you are satisfied with the video. Yes I have seen this movie twice. Great.

  3. Great job with this, and so happy you are in love with Poland. I found it beautiful as well.