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Monday 10 March 2014

10 th March Monday 2014

The biggest power plant is here.

So it's the new week and daily routine , classes, teachers' meetings and parents' meetings but luckily it's only 23 days left to Easter holidays.

Every day from my apartment's balcony I can see this giant and impressive power plant but I don't do it because I am so busy and the main disadvantage is my balcony is on the western side since spring to early autumn is too sunny to relax it.

The Combined Heat and Power Plant Szombierki has been an inherent component of the landscape of Bytom since it was opened on 29 November 1920. The investor and the first owner of the power plant was the German company Schaffgotsch Bergwerksgesellschaft GmbH, belonging to the Upper Silesian family line of the Schaffgotschs. The rated power of 100 MW put Szombierki among the greatest power plants in the country and in Europe.
During a visit to the plant you can become acquainted with the heat and electric energy generation process in the combined heat and power plant, whose operation is based on the hard coal combustion. It is also an interesting and inspiring space for the fans of industrial tours as well as artists and participants of artistic and sports events.

Power Plant Szombierki in Bytom

My suburb and apartments where I live 

Power Plant at night

Power Plant - the main entrance.
The interior of power station

Today the power plant is not open to public ( but you can visit it once a year in June) in the past numerous cultural and sporting events were held.

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  1. Nice photos, Gosia.
    Thank you so much for your visits to my blog. Always happy when you stop by. Susan