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Monday 17 March 2014

The "Superjednostka building in Katowice"

17 th March 2014 Monday

Katowice our capital city of Silesia Province is one of the biggest cities in Poland. The vast part of the present city centre comes from the sixties and the seventies of the 20 th century. But the most interesting and funny in some way is 15-storey "Superjednostka " this building was a real pride of the city. The latter has more 150m3 and is `187 metres long. When the building was put to use , it was the biggest dwelling house in Poland, with 762 apartments ( in 1972).

But the main question is ? Are the apartments comfortable? They were comfortable 40 years ago in the communist Poland but currently situation is completely different . We can easily assess which place for living is good or bad. Now Polish prefer detached houses in suburbs or in the countryside.

My answer is definitely no I was at my friends there. They are too small and too crowded.

What a comfort to live next to a noisy roundabout and traffic jams every day. Of course there are some advantages like a beautiful view for a "Saucer:" or just an easy access to public transport.

But what's your opinion?

Superjednostka now and its surroubdings.

At night it looks better.

Superjednostka building in 1973.

Superjednostka 20th century

Is it beautiful? But it was pride of Upper Silesia.

Would you live here? Me definitely not?


  1. They look very like our government built housing blocks from the 1960s, although the flats inside have quite large rooms.

  2. Wow, it's huge! I wonder how many people live there. No, I prefer living in the country. But I do like to visit cities. I like the sculpture in front.

  3. About 1 500 people live here. Can you imagine it?