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Saturday 29 March 2014

Museum of Matches in Czestochowa

29 th March Saturday 2014

Czestochowa is known all over the world, owing the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Czestochowa.

Today Czestochowa is well known for flourishing cultural life.There are two unusual museums : the first Museum of the Mining of Iron Ores. It was created in 1970 sin the the underground corridors imitating the real mining passages.  In the museum, you will find the presentation of various iron ore mining methods, drilling and transportation. There is also a replica of a pumping station and taken up by a windlass.

The museum of the Mining of Iron Ores.

The Sanctuary known all over the world among Roman Catholic

The second one is Museum of Matches situated by Czestochowska Fabryka Zapalek. In fact its old, 
pre- war production line.

 The Museum occupies a quarter of the factory. You can see how matches are made ( as they often cut out from the large pieces of wood) packaged and labelled. There is also an exhibition of old labels, match theme-stamps and made with great precision tiny match sculptures.

Museum of Matches - an exhibition


  1. It is rare to see anyone use matches now. The match museum would be interesting. We used to make our own matches here, but then the factory closed and they come from all over the world. But ours were better quality than the imported ones.

    1. Personally I don't use matches at my home because I don't need them but some people do.

  2. I never thought about a match factory before. It looks like an interesting museum. We still have wooden matches in the US, but matchbooks with the cardboard matches I never see anymore.

  3. Probably it's our tradition I haven't known that in others countries the siruation is different.