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Saturday 15 March 2014

The Silesian Planetarium

15 th March Saturday 2014

Silesian Planetarium is the largest and the oldest in Poland. It was opened in 1955 in Chorzow to commemorate the greatest astronomer Nicolas Copernicus.

The telescope with 30 cm objective situated in the Astronomical Observatory enables astronomers who work in the Planetarium to follow planetoids and comets.

Nicolas Copernicus the most famous astronomer.
He was born in Torun in 1473

Silesian Planetarium

On fine days visitors can observe the Sun and after the sunset - admire the most interesting night objects, even with magnification of 750 times.

The seismological station .
At night 

A group of amateurs can take part in the meetings organised by various clubs and also by Silesian Departments of Polish Amateurs Astronomical Society.

You can also use all the attractions of Planetarium, including the library with over 10 thousands books and magazines.

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