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Monday 31 March 2014

The triangle of the Three Emperors

31 st March Monday 2014

Three Emperors' Corner is a former tripoint at the confluence of the Black and White Przemsza rivers, near the town of Mysłowice in the present-day Silesian Voivodeship of Poland. From 1871 to 1918, it marked the border between the Russian EmpireAustria-Hungary and the German Empire. At that time Poland didn't exist . Sosnowiec is a city which is located in Upper Silesia and it is  very interesting of historical point of view the Triangfle of Three Emperors is here. In 1815 - 1846 the boundaries of the Kingdom Prussia, the Austrian Empire, and the Russian Empire converged in this very place.The place was given its name in 1871, after the reunification of Germany, when it became  also the frontier point with the German Empire.
Now the Triangle belongs to Myslowice and Sosnowiec.

Three Emperors: Nicholas II of Russia, Wilhelm II of Germany, Franz Joseph of Austria and Myslowitz
Bismarck Tower.

Triangle nowadays.


  1. An interesting post. I like your photo showing the triangle. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  2. That is very informative. I had no idea Poland did not exists way back then.

    1. Our history is very long and complicated. Australi's history history is shorter and maybe less complicated. I hope so I will learn from your blog. I am very interested in English speaking country.

  3. That looks like quite a huge tower to disappear. I'm learning a lot about
    Poland from your blog. Thank you.