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Thursday 27 March 2014

My workplace- High Junior School

27 th Thursday March 2014

I work as an English teacher in High Junior School. My students are at aged 13-16. High Junior School is compulsory in Poland. My school is located in Piekary Slaskie is 10 km from my apartment so every day I use public transport to get there. It takes me about 30 minutes and sometimes I drive a car.
My students and me travel every day to workshops in London and Brighton. Since last yea rt we take part in international Comenius project. Our partners are Germany, Romania, Turkey, Great Britain, Italy and Spain. Last November I was with students in Spain. In May we are going to Germany and in July to England so it means that I am very busy because I also work at University.

My school before renovation

After renovation

My students and me who work in the international projects


  1. That is lovely you are not too far from where you teach.
    The renovations to the outside looks lovely.
    Your travels that you will be doing later in the years, sounds wonderful.

  2. I love travelling and I will put some interesting photos. I hope so.

  3. I enjoyed seeing your school and some of your students. I taught students about the same age, and sometimes I miss them. Is your school public or private? How many students are in the school? Maybe I am asking too many questions!

  4. It's wonderful you have asked some questions because we blogggers teach themselves and it is one of the purposes we run our blogs. So my school is public one. There are about 500 students at my school. Strudents come from different social backgrounds the rich ones and the poor so it causes that work here is not easy but I love my job. And I understand why you miss you students.