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Wednesday 12 March 2014

12 th March Wednesday 2014

Catherine is 15.

15 th anniversary in NATO.

Today my only daughter is 15. I don't believe how time has passed so quickly. I remember the day when she was born it was a cold , cloudy day and what's more that day Poland joined to NATO. So it,s a memorable day for our nation and me.

Catherine or Kate in Polish Katarzyna or Kasia is an intelligent girl we don't have any problem with her. She is a hard - working person and well - organized and sociable one.  She is  one of the best students in her High Junior School.

She is a student on 8th grade and she is the best at science and modern languages ( her favourite is German but she loves English , too). She is going to study medicine or modern languages. She is definitely gifted at biology and chemistry. She loves travelling as me. She prefers travelling abroad not at home is so boring for her.
Her favourite city in Europe is London but New York in the USA. She has read  all books about Hana Montana.

She has been to London with me three times so she loves this city but mainly doing shopping there. She is a typical teenager here maybe she is spoiled by us ( my husband and me) and my parents because she is the only granddaughter for them. She has everything like iPhone, tablet, laptop, PC and a lot of clothes. She likes spending money but ours not her pocket money. She is a bussineswoman.

Happy Birthday Kasia!!!

Autumn November 2013 my daughter Kasia

American style- her favourite
Poland in Nato

Christmas 2013 Kate


  1. Lovely. Happy birthday to Kate.

  2. Your daughter is sweet and lovely, and very stylish!