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Sunday 23 March 2014

The end of weekend - Bytom again

23 rd March 2014 Sunday

So we came back from our weekend it's so pity but tomorrow we have to go work. Jedlicze is 256 km from my apartment so it takes us about 3 hours to get there.
On Saturday I did spring cleaning in my small garden and planted gladiolas.In the garden we have only 2 fruit trees and a nut tree.
In the summer we have flowers and the most important we can organise BBQ.
The hall and my dog



Our old car now  we have a white one
Back yard
Front yard - my house
Our small garden
My daughter ang house



  1. It's very interesting to see your house and your dog. The garden will be lovely when the fruit trees and flowers you planted begin to bloom. Right now, it is snowing at my house! (Sunday afternoon.)

  2. Thanks. It's the new house it was built in 2008 and is not finished yet
    ( furnished only downstairs). In Poland yesterday was 20 C degrees no snow. Today 13 C definitely spring.If you decide visit Poland you must visit me.

  3. It's a nice house and similar to houses here, except I think yours has double glazing and central heating. That is not seen here very often.

    1. Andrew, yes you are right. I have to install central heating because of our climate in yours you don"t need it.

  4. Your garden will be lovely when all grows.
    House is lovely, you are lucky to have two places to live.