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Wednesday 26 March 2014

Hot Beer?

26 th Wednesday March 2014

There a number of ways to survive the winter in Poland and one of them is "Hot Beer.That 's hot beer in layman's term -essentially a frothing hot pint spiced with artificial ginger syrup, clove, cinnamon and other mulling spices.
There are a couple of things to consider with regards to hot beer.
 Firstly it takes a while 5-10 minutes to properly heat the drink without exploding it , so prepare to wait and be patient.
Secondly there is a tendency to immediately stab a straw into a glass to mix the syrup at the bottom throughout the drink. If the beverage is too hot this will result
Hot Beer

in it erupting all over you.


  1. Hello Gosia...The hot beer sounds intriguing. What is the toast in Polish (phonetically it's....nas-drove-yah?)

    In Spanish, "Salud, dinero y amor" (Good health, money and love!)

    Thanks for your visits and comments. Susan

    1. Susan you are right Na zdrowie. Take care. Greetings fdrom sunny Silesia.

  2. Well that seems like an art not to get the beer all over you..Never heard of hot beer.

  3. Never heard of it either, but the spices sound delicious and exactly what we add to hot cider in the fall.